Take Your Career to the Next Level

With Joana Visa

Ready to Move and Make an Impact?

Take Your Career to the Next Level

With Joana Visa

Ready to Move and Make an Impact?

Having ‘Me’ Time

Build a balanced life with high end corporate work so that you can have more control in your life as a woman.

Overcome Inequality

Manage unfair situations and overcome gender bias so that you can have equal pay and fair promotion.

Personal Brand

Develop the skills you need most as a woman to advance in a male-dominated environment to build a powerful presence.

Get Connected

Build a network of supporters, advisors, mentors, and advocates so that your success is accelerated no matter what the environment.

About Me

After finishing my PhD in 1994, I was doing biomedical research for more than 10 years. I did not feel complete. I wished to manage people and help them grow. That made me took the position of manager in a scientific organisation. In spite of 15 years in a management position, I still craved for more and wanted to climb the executive ladder.

In 2009, I became the Quality Director at a biomedical Center in Barcelona and a member of the board of directors. I was the only woman in this committee. That was my big leap! At that time my three sons were less than 14. I was divorced. Though I had said, “Yes!”, I still had insecurities. I started overcoming them one by one. 18 months ago, my life changed again. I wanted to support women get into senior executive position and create a fulfilling life without sacrificing themselves.

So I began this coaching company together with Tanja, who I met at an international management conference in Belgium. We found out that only 10% of the top executives are women. Together we decided to help more women jump the curve. Are you going to be one of them?

Control your Life

Build a balanced work-life so that you can choose with whom, what and where you wish to spend your time. Be able to optimize work around your life, not the other way around. Be free.

Focus on Transition

This is the key to support executive women to climb up the executive ladder. To support them through key transitions in their career— through different positions and changing roles. Start early and pursue targeted interventions at critical career and life junctions.

Be Visible

Build a network. Connect to a great community of colleagues and supporters. Be visible. Your voice has to be heard.

Our Clients

Mónica Serna

“Coaching strengthened my relationship. It has been a very gratifying process, it has helped me to think differently, allowing me to take concrete and effective actions to achieve my goals both personal and professional, and on the way I have discovered what is inside me, the image I have of me It has grown and strengthened my relationships.”

Marta H.

“I had to look for my own solutions. When you are with Joana in coaching session, you forget everything else. You feel you are responsible to find the solution better fits you. This is the key, to think. You are thinking of a solution and the door, sooner or later, opens.”

Dadilde Carvajal

“In 5 coaching sessions, Joana has given me the opportunity to explore my insecurities and find the way to give me the answers I need. Her openness to listen and being a smiling person with so energy ‘infected’ and allowed me to open in a trust space. I was able to move forward. She helped me close the assignments more clearly on my uncertainties.”

Patricia Hernandez

“Analyzing, focusing, and refocusing your life purposes with outside help is an exercise I recommend doing at least once in your life. Having a focused and objective conversation, such as the one I had with Joana, makes any doubt clear, and above all, makes you understand better the situation you are in. Joana’s coaching helps me to quickly identify those aspects in which I must act to achieve my goals.”

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Take Your Career to the Next Level

With Joana Visa

Ready to Move and Make an Impact?

Take Your Career to the Next Level

With Joana Visa

Ready to Move and Make an Impact?

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