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Jimena Duran Case Study

I am going to introduce you to Jimena Duran . She is a winner now.

It was a pleasure working with her. After she worked with us, she has been able to move forward and has escalated her own business (Queen Girls) and in the meanwhile, she has been taking care of her small son and has had a second one!!


How did that happen?

Jimena is a 37 years old Spanish girl living in US. For the past 5 years, Jimena has been traveling with a Startup company launching new markets, as part of their International Expansion team. She got to wear different hats from manager to senior marketer. 

After having her first child, she stopped working to take care of her child.

The family continued chasing locations, due to husband’s job (still working with the same company).

 She now runs her own project “Queen Girls”, children book publications organization that creates fairy tales inspired on real women stories.

Jimena, also has finished her training to become a Life Coach and she has had her second child, while taking care of her 2 years old son.

What did she struggle?

Jimena has been through a lot of changes in the past 2 years. Her dynamic relationship with her husband changed completely since they are not working together, and they had their first child after 8 years of relationship.
Her goal was to get her certificate as a Life Coach while navigating through all this, and she was afraid there was a lot of noise and little routine in her life to be able to succeed.
And today, She has her own project!

And after coaching? In Jimena’s words:

  1. I escalated my little project and created small team to make it happen. They are now getting ready to launch four more books.
  2. I got my certified as Life Coach before having my second child, as I have envisioned. I build up a vision for my practice and I is now very fulfilled with her practice empowering women to dream and do more!
  3. I have had a second son and has kept good relationship with her husband!!

During our coaching sessions we went through out stress and time management. She has been able to escalate her own business, she got life coach credential and she is taking care of her family!!

Anastasia Tsingotjidou Case Study

Anastasia Tsingotjidou

Claudia Borda Case Study

Let me introduce an executive woman, working and living in Canada: Claudia Borda.
Claudia was working (as a full contract employee) as a Commercial and Technical Support Representative for Canada with the Plastilene Group. She was happy but she wanted to take her career to the next level.
She wished to change her relationship with her company from being a “full contract employee” to only” consultant”.


Because she wanted to have time to develop her entrepreneur flair. She wanted to build her own business: Poly-Tri . And she wanted to be able to offer her products and to have  commercial agreements by herself.

At the same time she wanted to overcome her fear of trying maternity again. By joining our coaching program and after 8 months she shared with me some thoughts.

Joana, Today, eight months ahead, I could summarize the achievements as follows:

  • Personally, I overcame the fear of trying maternity again
  • Professionally, two major changes: I created a concrete and achievable plan for Poly-Tri, my entrepreneurship nest, concentrating my efforts on the idea of marketing Latin products in Canada (I has started to invoice products, I attend a commercial exhibition ( My product has been chosen as one of the best) and I have my first commercial agreement signed).

An second, I achieved the transition in the relationship of employee to Consultant at  Plastilene Group, with whom I still have an excellent relationship and for whom I continue to provide my services from Poly-Tri. That means I am a “ provider”.

Do you want to know what she says about our coaching program?

Regarding the trajectory after coaching, I can share that it was a very important point of support to take the time (which we always say we lack) to stop and think, to organize ideas, put them in a written plan and put them to work. The coaching helped me reflect and remove fears from the environment, put the priorities in order and launch me with concrete actions to pursue the objectives of my professional and personal life that I had kept and clear within me, but that for some reason had not taken shape. It was also an experience that allowed me to gain confidence in myself, silence doubts and see projects in a simpler and more feasible way.

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